Careless Writing or Clueless?

What well-published writer would appreciate being labeled a third or  fourth-grader? I read popular novelists, some who have 30-40 books published,  and conclude they weren’t paying attention in language arts–otherwise known in  the old days as English class–my favorite subject from third grade on. Not only  am I frustrated at how frequently I read gross grammatical errors, but I wonder  why it wasn’t caught or corrected before the book went to print? My choice of  Larger Print makes every word stand out on the page. And I cringe. I  huff and I puff in exasperation when I see (often} that the author doesn’t know
the difference between bring (to) and take (away). Or how to use sit and sat. Or lie and lay. Oh, woe is me! I learned all that in third grade and I’d read with a less critical eye and way more pleasure if I didn’t have to play editor. Those writing books may  offer clues. But who is reading them? Not the careless writer, for sure.


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