One of the most rewarding plants ever to grace my garden looked like a dead little stick when it was first planted. But in its first year, it sprawled out as if it had lived here all along. And now–at the end of the summer/early fall season–like the past three or so weeks–its millions of fluffy seeds lurk on the vines just waiting for a breeze or bird to ensure the perpetuation process all over again. And everywhere a speck of soil happens to lie, new shoots of clematis will appear looking healthy and ready to climb.

Clematis covers patio railing

I will be begging family and friends to take transplants home. Some months of summer I’m not happy to have the leafy vine obscuring my view over the railing where it makes itself at home. Sitting in my glider chair or at the matching table and chair garden set, I will never be tall enough to see my patio garden beauties without getting right up and leaving my comfort behind. But is it worth it? Ask the bees. They’re in love with the sweet blossoms. As for me? Seeing the clematis’ bigger picture from every angle–which my camera does every year–never gets old for me. This season I caught a closeup so I’d have those pure white little stars handy for when I look out on the first surprising bank of fluffy white snow. A decorative cover for the same length of patio railing. I will get just as excited over nature’s gift. Wouldn’t trade my four PA seasons for all the white sand in the south!

Close up of Clematis

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