Critiquer’s Confession

You caught me. That is, if you read my last two blogs. You can tell I read only the photo caption, not the article. Obviously I didn’t really study the photo, either.

Somehow, in the far reaches of my ancient mind the last name, Tyler, rang a bell as some female sport’s standout–same alma mater. But maybe those initials (C.J.) crept in unbidden from the book I was reading at the time. I’ve since counted ten C.J.s in the print of a mere one and one third pages! And protagonist C.J. was a female.

My guess is the newspaper people have made up for their original gaffe by giving HIM another shot (that’s shOt) with a BIG full color face-front photo captioned “HEAD OF THE CLASS.” Without even reading the article I can see it’s a guy. And my conscience is clear. End of this story.


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