Diverse Reads in Modern Format

I have a fairly recent (hard to keep abreast of so prolific an author)
Nicholas Sparks and an old Jeanette Oaks (final in one of her many series) on my  i-pad 2. I loved the “book feel” of turning pages so much I’ve read Sparks  twice. But meantime, my daughter, Marti, has filled this online “bookshelf” with  shelves and shelves of old children’s books. Some sounded so quaint in language style we laughed our heads off reading aloud to each other. An anonymous version  of  The Three Bears was amusing and one we’d never read. The  illustrations, alone, dated it to at least back to my childhood or earlier. In  public domain, these are freebies.

I’m thinking I need to check out  the shopping cart for It Doesn’t Grow on Trees. Only recently I have  learned from AuthorHouse, the publisher, that they now have my Junior Chapter  book available in eBook format. I love that story. Haven’t even checked on the
price, but I know I’ll love the chapter beginnings and endings so carefully  crafted–by me. And then there’s that wonderful page turning feel. If anyone  reading this gets to it first, please report in.

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