Don’t print “oops!”

Sometimes it is the writer’s fault when a wrong word appears in print. But then
again, where was the proof-reader or copy-editor whose job it is to catch the
error? And does it really matter when it’s just a small word? Will readers tend
to skip over and not notice? Or will it stop them dead in their tracks with
wonder? Or double them over in fits of laughter? You decide.

It all depends on point of view. In today’s regional newspaper (which shall  luckily
remain nameless) a large black and white photo appears featuring a golfer in
action. The one-line caption under her photo did make me snicker and for that I
apologize.Must have stunned the athlete who has every right to say “this really
stinks.” Should have made the paper people cringe and point fingers at the
perpetrator whose ineptness sent this to press:

” ————- hits a tee SH*T during . . . . .”

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