Out to Lunch

Not really, but there sure is a gap between posts and for once, it’s not my fault. This handy gadget is only useful as it’s up and running and when the power cord is NOT supplying juice, the laptop goes into coma mode–unexpected and unsuspected for so recent a purchase.

My connection with words in the interim has been in reading, only. Not many word-use errors to report, but here are three in one book: “Sara laid down next to , , , ”  and “. . . sick little cherubs laying side by side.”    Kind of makes you feel like saying “CLUCK! CLUCK!” doesn’t it? Even before that in the story a character was “. . . gesturing up the stairs for her to proceed him.”  Now don’t tell me those were typos. And where was the proof-reader or line editor to have allowed such errors submitted by one of their established contributors?

GOOD NEWS: I just finished reading a novel with NO BOO-BOOS!
BAD NEWS: I came within a second of cancelling my online Word-A-Day because yesterday Anu Garg posted the word apostle and referenced its meaning with a blatantly political slam against one of the presidential candidates. How unwarranted and lowbrow!

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