Relishing Recipes

What is it about recipes that makes my mouth water? The full-color photos of the finished product. The smells evoked. The ummmm taste on the tongue. All of the above meet my imagination right on the page. And nine times out of ten I will never have prepared, baked, cooked a thing! Reading recipes is how I relish them and I have a truckload of paper to feed my taste. Good thing I was paying attention long before my mother (my food idol) was deceased because the best of what I learned wasn’t even in books. And for sure, her specialties were not in print. Colored photos hadn’t even been invented.  A flaky crust was Mom’s gift to any pie filling. My one daughter  traditionally requests pumpkin pie for a birthday dinner finish and this year–2012–it was my pleasure to be the one who took it to her. Anything different from the Libby’s canned pumpkin pie recipe? Well, of course. Half a cup of white sugar was substituted with light brown. Every spice got cheated a bit. Then “some” mild molasses (meaning maybe a teaspoon or less) found  itself stirred in just before filling the crust. Note the topping rosettes kind of disguised the crack that appeared near the crust edge. Served with generous allover squishes of topping, the birthday dessert was pronounced a credit to my heritage. We saved the number 5 for another year!


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