Who Wrote That?

My question in some part of the reading of Love Inspired books–way too many  times in a startling number–is Where was the editor, copy-editor,  proof-reader? Or was the well-published author the one who fell asleep at  the wheel? I am referring to the many times I have been dumbstruck when the  wrong character name is given attribution. What a jolt to read “Buck nodded!”
This occurred right after a paragraph about what was written on Buck’s new grave  marker. And on the story’s final page where the protagonist was doing the  speaking and whose name was totally familiar by Page 278.

When I finished reading this novel I took the author up on her Dear Reader comment that if I had  a minute, she’d love to hear from me. Her website did not appear to have been  updated for years, so let’s not hold our breath for a response. Will we ever  know who wrote that? Stay tuned.

Already the author of the latest  novel I’ve read–in which a wrong attribution appears on the final page–has  e-mailed back to thank me for pointing out the “very bad mistake,” she called  it. She hasn’t even seen the book since it came out! How gracious of her to thank me for giving her a headache!


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