Writing’s The Easier Part–of Writing

You can have the best ideas pop into your head. You may have beautiful penmanship (in which case I haven’t met you, but you may be out there). Words may fall onto your page almost publishing ready. But if your off-the-top-of-your-head writing needs no editing, I don’t know you. My educated guess is that your work needs an edit–or two–or three–or . . .     The best of writers instinctively recognize what can be left out to make their work even better. Easier for the reader to grasp–first time over, with pleasure.

So I’ll make this blog uncharacteristically short for me. You don’t need to know that even my detiorating handwriting is sometimes better than what lands onscreen. Poor eyesight, late-life computer learning–sort of–all the twists and turns and unwaranted screw-ups–give me fits.

My favorite part of writing is getting the thoughts on paper. And in long-hand on any
paper–Post-its, tablets, journals. Tapping out one letter at a time on a keyboard is not me. But unpublished, we would not have met otherwise. THANKS for reading. Love to hear from you on COMMENTS.

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