How hard could it be? A three-letter word. And the ad writer got only one out of the three letters correct?

I’m one of the few persons I know who, if I like it, will happily read a story–a book– more than once. So the Hallmark holiday story I had seen in a previous season was holding my interest. Good writing. Fine acting. Just the right amount of pathos.

Santa with list

The end of the Kris Kringle saga was approaching and I might have been resting my eyes. That’s how excited I am about the interminable commercials. I should not have looked up, but so close to bedtime (for normal folks) the side-by-side beds alternately humping up and down looked kind of inviting while amusing. Then what to my wondering eyes did appear–a 3-letter doozy, not fuzzy–real clear!



What? Kris Kringle, the matress-ad writer goes straight to the top of your naughty list and gets a BIG lump of coal in his/her stocking. And for good measure, you might tuck in a note that says, “Go back to the third grade and unless you’re a chicken, don’t just lie there. Learn.”


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