Was I missed? Probably not since cyberspace is filled to overflowing with words, many of which strike me as inconsequential as anything I might have written during this lengthy hiatus from my blog site. Why the keyboard vacation?  I’m thinking technology glitches and company changes provided my best excuse. I have been inspired dozens of times, but the thoughts and observations that never felt the business end of a pen had not a faint chance of making it to a keyboard.

Herein lies an exception scribbled on a tablet : “I Heard a Forest Praying . . .”  Actually, I Saw a Forest Praying over and over and heard the music in my head–in three-part harmony, just like I remembered it written for a women’s choral piece. Visiting my older daughter over a week, I experienced this exhilarating sight on an extremely windy spring day. Sitting at her kitchen table close to the sliding glass door, how the strong winds did sweep across the backyard edged by woods!


The lower branches bowing simultaneously like giant green fans–kept me entertained for long moments at a time. I cannot know about the praying part, but I am very sure any queen would have felt honored from slipper to crown at the deference–the bowing–of those trees in concert. I was reminded of my own backyard view with lilac hedge as a backdrop. The show of lavender and white beauty arrived earlier in April than ever. short-lived, but generously fragrant. But alas, only a forest in passing brought music to my ears. Lilacs don’t bend at all.

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