An Over-the-top Day

It didn’t start out as planned. Last night I had set out what I’d wear to appointments today. But sleep came late–or  should I say early? 6 A.M. was both since my dental appointment was for 9:40 and my eyes never opened till 9:20 when my bladder said “GO!”  I went. I flew.  I pulled on black pants. Oops! I pulled them back off and switched to the navy blue  that was to go with my green and navy top. A minute wasted. Short version: I power-walked and was in  the waiting area two minutes  early. Good!  After a 10-minute wait, my little cavity was filled–no dreaded conflict over maybe having to refuse a numbing swab. I was only $96 poorer and home by  10:10. Good!

Off to the Primary Care facility in the rain, dreading traffic tie-ups for bridge repair work which began yesterday and will continue into August. I ‘ve been getting finger-stick blood tests often since lately hit with Atrial Fibrillation.  With careful monitoring, inching toward the right dosage of blood thinner. Well, today’s technician was faster, caused less pain, and admired my “Forever Love” ring with it’s yellow gold, rose gold edges, sterling silver and rosy stylized hearts. Today’s results? “Doing fine,” said the doctor, “See you in 4 weeks.” Good! By driving the long way around through a neighboring town, not one traffic hitch. Good!

Having eaten no breakfast, lunch in town seemed diabetic-wise. Chicken ‘n’ waffles, the day’s special. Silky smooth gravy salted sparingly, tender chicken, tasty green peas, fluffy mashed potatoes and  thick fresh waffles. The yummiest ever. Good!

With a sense of apprehension, I stopped off at the mall, Reward Coupon in hand and two receipts from a shopping-gift spree two days ago. I kind of expected a “no.” As cheerfully as could be, the customer service woman went through the long list, handed me back new receipts with the 15% off on my department store credit card. Good! I was so elated I shopped and shopped. For myself. Found exactly the shirt and tank tops I was looking for to compliment the lovely lavender-stone bracelet, mother’s day gift from my older daughter. I saved lots with that same 15% off coupon. Good!   Exiting the store, I held the door  from shutting on  a youngish man and he politely said “Thanks.” Good!

0513151443aOne last stop: the pharmacy drop-off. As a reminder to pick it up later, I marked my desk calendar with a colorful little pill bottle sticker, Mothers’ Day gift from my younger daughter. Good!  Never really got wet in today’s spritzy walking and driving. Discovered several  spring flowers had bloomed overnight in my gardens with more than one making a bright splash. Good!

And the sun came out.




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